The International Heritage Show 29 October 2015

The 2014 edition, held from 6 to 9 November, was devoted to the theme of transmission, a key subject for heritage companies in France which, blessed with exceptional heritage, are increasingly opening up to new materials and new technologies. Transmission means protecting ancestral know-how by training skilled personnel in our workshops. It also means a company can change hands without losing its key assets. The 20th anniversary provided an opportunity to celebrate all stakeholders in the sector who work on a daily basis to pass on our cultural heritage to the next generation. The 21st edition will be held from 5 to 8 November 2015 at the Carrousel du Louvre on the theme of Heritage and Modernity. This is a subject that reflects the ongoing purpose of the activities carried out in recent years to show that, although the heritage is rooted in the past, it is also firmly focused on the future.

We will be present to this show at J12 Stand - Room Lenôtre. We will be glad to see you and present to you our new furniture for 2016.

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Maison Allot & Ulgador

20 March 2024

Maison Allot & Ulgador

La maison Allot est honorée de vous convier à une expérience sans pareille : la collaboration entre nos ateliers et la maison d'exception Ulgador, une collaboration unique où tradition et innovation se conjuguent pour sublimer l'artisanat d'art. Spécialisé dans la création de panneaux décoratifs dorés à la feuille de métal, Ulgador réinvente l'artisanat traditionnel en lui insufflant...