Timber selection and seasoning

    The Allot workshops source timber from local suppliers. Logs are sawn on site then stacked and left to season naturally. Drying at 1 cm (1/3 inch) per year, some pieces are seasoned for over twenty years.

    Design office

    At the heart of the workshop, we develop the design with Designers and Architects for the realization of unique and tailor-made works integrating interior decoration projects.

    Furniture and seat carpentry

    The mastery of carpentry in furniture and seats is essential to the expertise of the trade. Small series, made-to-measure, unique piece.


    Ateliers Allot sculptures are hand drawn and carved in the workshop. Time and  great care are taken to ensure the quality and finesse of every detail


    The marqueter, working from a scale drawing, details the pieces of each motif from a large selection of veneers. Using traditional techniques to form and color each piece before assembly.


    Gold creates beauty, astonishment and impressiveness, the gilder is the one who applies it with great finesse. After having put 8 or 10 layers of « skin glue » and « white spain glue », he adds « Armenia soil » which gives it a reddish color. With a special brush and with finesse, the gold leaf is applied. Then, he uses an agate stone to make the contrast between brightness and mat.

    Chinese laquer

    The craftsman decorates the piece of furniture with a technique called Chinese Lacquering from XVIII th century. After having put 12 layers of « skin glue » and chalk named « White of Spain » , he draws characters and motifs. Many layers of lacquer are needed to get an extraordinary gloss.


    Pieces are stained, painted varnished or waxed in the finishing shop. Finally, decorative elements such as bronze, leather, glass or porcelaine are mounted to complete each model.


    All upholstery is done in house using traditional methods and materials to provide a robust and confortable cushion. Allot work with France’s most reputable fabric manufacturers providing endless possibilities in decoration.

    Création d'un Pôle des Métiers

    7 May 2024

    Création d'un Pôle des Métiers

    Dans notre quete de renaissance nous métamorphosons audacieusement nos ateliers à Loudéac en Bretagne. Notre showroom de 1300m2 va etre transformé en une boutique Allot sur 500m2 et plus de 800m2 seront dédiés à une Pépinière des Metiers d’Art et un FabLab La Pépinière des métiers La Pépinière des métiers sera un incubateur d'idées et de projets grâce à un espace de...