The House of ALLOT


Since 1812, the House of Allot has seen a succession of 7 generations of craftsmen.

Rich in the knowledge, preciously guarded and passed down from generation to generation, the house of ALLOT is today the ambassador of a French tradition of worldwide reputation.
Uniting in our workshops all the necessary trades, the house of ALLOT offers a complete expertise in the conception and realization of both free standing and fitted furniture. 

The House of ALLOT are reputed for the creation of classical French furniture, nevertheless, working in collaboration with interior architects our workshops frequently create contemporary pieces drawing on a vast choice of unique decorative materials.

Orchestrated by Ronan ALLOT since 2017, the workshops are open to projects of standing such as the Hotel Crillon and numerous private residencies in France and abroad.

Rich from years of experience, the house of ALLOT also accompany their clients in the elaboration of interior decoration projects. From free-standing and fitted furniture to the choice of marble, paint, wallpaper and rugs, the house of ALLOT offer a design office and a comprehensive resource library.