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History focus: François-Noël Geny 4 July 2014

François Noël Geny

Born at Paris, François Noël Geny (1731-1804), joiner, has worked majority of his life in Lyon, rue Tramassac. Compagnon when he was twenty five years old, it’s only lately, in 1773, that he began master. François Noël Geny made chairs of different kinds, some are full of sulptures and close to parisian models. Some chairs of Transition or Louis XVI style present a belt pretty unusual, stoped at the foot top by some big dies of junction very prominent.

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Bibliography: PIERRE KJELLBERG, Les ébénistes français de Louis XIV à la Révolutions, éditions Les éditions de l'amateur

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Focus on history - The Montgolfier brothers chair

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Focus on history - The Montgolfier brothers chair

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